Cris Rocha began in the pottery world as a student of Heloisa Alvim, studying in his studio from 1977 to 1979. Then, she had classes with Eva Ilg for two years and Elvira Schuartz, from Espaço Zero in São Paulo. Her formation also includes names like Afrânio Montemurro and Cecilia Akemi, from Studio Terra Fogo, Shoko Suzuki (manual potter’s wheel) and Ikoma Kenjiro (plates and table wheel).


In 2001, Cris Rocha went to Japan to represent Brazil at IWCAT - The International Workshop of Ceramic Art of Tokoname. At the time, she fell in love with firewood burning techniques, especially anagama ashes glaze. She returned to Brazil and built his own anagama at the cityof Artur Nogueira, where she made 14 burns.


In 2002 she returned to Japan to participate at an international exhibition in Kioegama Gallery, where she had the opportunity to intensely experience the Japanese tradition. In the same year, she received a award during the Arte em Cerâmica Craft Brasil – Japão, event where she exposes annually.


In 2013 she exhibited her works in Greece and held workshops in Athens and Corfu.


In 2014 she went to Hagen - Germany as an artist invited to represent Brazil.

In 2019 she represented Brazil in the 8th China Changchun International Ceramic Art Invitational Exhibition. She also participated of  the 1st Lianhuashan Cup Ceramic Art Contes, in wich she obtained an honor mention for the presented work.


She has organized workshops with major national and international names, like Peter Callas, Rikio Hakudo Hashimoto and Kenjiro Ikoma.